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Initial responses to Twelve Monkeys


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Jessica Brown

Twelve Monkeys certainly retained the main concepts of La Jetee, but the differences are interesting to me. Particularly, we are told in La Jetee that the man was chosen for the experiment because he had a strong mental image of the past. It's almost like his thinking or dreaming about the past is what transports him back there. I think this metaphysical, conceptual way of thinking of time travel is an interesting contrast to Twelve Monkeys.

Blake Bauer

I agree that the metaphysical way of thinking is an interesting contrast to Twelve Monkeys and interesting in general. Although Twelve Monkeys did hint at it a little since it seemed like he was the only successful patient and maybe that's why. The traveling to the future part is also interesting since the future dwellers came to the past to help and also that they didn't know how to time travel which possibly means that the work the scientists are doing is forgotten. One more thing, I noticed a Vertigo reference in this movie also which gives a little more meaning on why Vertigo appears in Twelve Monkeys.

Jesus Hernandez

Both movies are very similar in their storylines. Starting with time travel to try and fix the future, also how they live underground and find a specific candidate for the experiment. The similarities between both movies is when in La Jetee, the ending when he figures out the memory he had as a child was him being killed. This is similar to twelve monkeys ending.

Garret Adams

These two films are very similar. The stories themselves are almost identical in that they start to time travel and try to fix the future. The ending were also very similar in that they both threw you for a freaking loop.

Jose Hernandez

Both films have a similar story line exept one is more realistic then the other. the la jatee movie is a picture short film where as 12 monkeys is a 2 hour movie with the used of a lot of shots and frames. The plot of both movies use time travel to try and fix the their future. They are both science fictions movies as well. Overall, very similar just films in different era's with different camera equipment.

Linnea Dawson

I can see the similarities between these two films with both the plots and the designs of the films. Both quickly move back and forth between the (protagonists) present day and the past. They both also have that long thread of these moments essentially mirroring each other leading to a cyclical existence. The set design of 12 monkeys seemed to take some inspiration from this, particularly with the scientist’s costuming in the parts that were the present day. I also found it interesting how markings on the wall had significance in both films in different ways, although 12 monkeys obviously took it much further.

Josh Riddell

Both movies are obviously very similar. The main concepts seem to be parallels for both La Jetee and Twelve Monkeys. After watching Twelve Monkeys and then having a chance to watch La Jetee I am very eager to have a chance to watch and discuss Twelve Monkeys again for the re-watch. The re-watch will hopefully give me some closure of my interpretations of Twelve Monkeys.

Becky Bond

I enjoyed this short film marginally more than I did Twelve Monkeys. For one, the short film was rooted in a lot of historical accuracy. Paris took a huge hit after the second world war, so it seemed like a reasonable thing that there would be some people living underground after the attacks. The city had to make a comeback. It was also surprisingly compelling for a film that was composed in still images.

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